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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best Borderlands Game?


Best Borderlands Game?

Borderlands 42 6.23%
Borderlands 2 222 32.94%
Borderlands Legends 1 0.15%
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 7 1.04%
Borderlands 3 35 5.19%
Tales from the Borderlands 44 6.53%
Other - Haven't played enough to pick one 105 15.58%
Other - I don't like the series 218 32.34%

This week's front page poll. Borderlands 3 has been out for a few months now - where does it sit in terms of series ranking?

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Tales from the Borderlands !

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Honestly, I think I enjoyed Tales from the Borderlands the most overall. Out of the main series, Borderlands 2 has the best story, but Borderlands 3 has the best gameplay.

1st Borderlands for me. It was fresh and I liked the main cast better.

Borderlands 2 is my favorite in the series. I've played through it 3 or 4 times. Borderlands 3 I enjoyed. But the main villians just annoyed me every time I heard them speak.

Pre-Sequel felt like an expansion of 2 and I never played the first or Tales game.

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I liked the first one. It was good, but fairly simple. The second one just put me off the series though. It took something like 5-10 hours just to level up, and the rewards from leveling up was so pointless. Something like +2.5% damage from certain weapons. Compare this with Skyrim where you level up 5-10 times in Shroud Hearth Barrow.