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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Switch get third party support post PS5?


Will Switch get AAA support after 9-th gen consoles launch

Yes, as good or better 25 34.25%
Yes, but less games 18 24.66%
Yes, Switch will get exclusives 11 15.07%
No, just spinoff games 9 12.33%
No, Switch will get dropped 10 13.70%

With PS5 and Xbox Series X coming out at the end of the year, do you think Switch will get ports in 2020 and beyond? I don't think so. Here's why: With the launch of new consoles, developers will be porting games in a short time frame. This means less engineering bandwidth available for Switch.

Second, with next gen consoles having 30x the GPU capability (Switch handheld - handheld is the limiting factor), less focus will be given to scaling down, and more focus given to scaling up. Some games like Cyberpunk 2077 have reportedly had issues with the base Xbox One. This rules out a Switch port IMO. Unless it's farmed out to a porting house, and the game's content and engine allow it, it's probably not going to happen.

Third is new engines. Related to point 2, but worth expanding on, developers will be working with new engines because of the console launches. Probably not until 2021 or 2022, but it's going to happen. Better lighting and shading techniques comes from the research community. As an example, deferred shading was first written about in 1988. There's a surplus of good research that's already been done, but not implementable efficiently, mostly because hardware hasn't quite caught up yet. My prediction is that developers will try to reduce bake times and improve quality by using techniques the Switch can't handle at target frame-rate. My prediction is that Switch gets left behind. I'd like to be wrong, but it's the conclusion I've come to by looking at the data available.

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Depends how easily scalable. I would imagine less depending how how dependant games are on stuff like the SSDs etc.

Yes, it will still get support, because 95% of its third party support is comprised of non-demanding games such as indies, older ports, exclusives, and other non-AAA fare that will not be based on/restricted to PS5/XSX spec.

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Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Yeah, it probably will. You can talk about tech specs all you want, but it really doesn't matter that much. What really matters is whether or not the developer really wants to, which is based mainly on how healthy the market is. Developers could probably port most PS5 games to the Wii U if there was actually a market for it.

Assuming nothing strange happens to cut the Switch's legs out from under it, the market should be fairly healthy for at least the next 2-3 years, so we'll probably see about the same level of support for it.

It will.

Done. Next topic.

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The Switch will continue to get third party support, money talks more than tech specs. And the Switch will have a huge install base probably 60+Million by the time the PS5 and Xbox SX launch, so there would be a huge market for third party developers to take advantage of on the Switch and make a decent profit making games for the platform. Plus it's not like the PS4 and Xbox One will completely stop receiving 3rd party games as soon as the 9th gen systems release since developers want to take advantage of the large install bases of those two 8th gen systems, even Microsoft admitted that there's gonna be little to no next gen exclusive software for at least the first 1-2 years and rumors are suggesting the same for the PS5, so the Switch will still be able to get the PS4 and Xbox One versions of third party games well after the Xbox SX and PS5 launch.

And by the time the PS4 and Xbox One no longer receives the same 3rd party games from PS5 and Xbox SX, Nintendo will probably start launching their Switch Successor sometime in 2023 or 2024 to keep up the PS5 and Xbox SX hardware. So imo the Switch will be fine when it comes to getting third party support even when 9th gen systems release.

What demanding games are there right now? Most third party stuff on Switch is pretty tame in terms of power.

Shouldn't we still be seeing years of Xbone/PS4 support? Why would ports of those titles to Switch stop? Also if Switch continues to sell very well, third parties will support it more.

Of course.

They'll keep getting their exclusives/timed exclusives from the usual bunch. Plus collaborations.

Ports of last gen or current gen, maybe less versions like MK11 or Doom Eternal that get developed alongside the twins and PC but it will get a handful, and the yearly tradition at this point of the "impossible ports".

Plus their constant support of independent developers, boosted by Nintendo's general involvement with them and their spotlights with Directs dedicated to them, etc.

Unless something goes terribly wrong, the Switch will keep a healthy support from thirds.

Remember the DS got even a GTA game. The more the switch sells the more 3rd party games it will get. 

Switch currently has an install base of 50m and it is still growing. It will be somewhere around 70m+ by the end of the year. Meanwhile PS5 and Series X have an install base of 0 currently. Since most third party companies like making money, then they are going to make games for a system that has a large and active install base. I'm not talking about some $100m budget game either. Most games have a much smaller budget and these games actually would sell better on the Switch. Bloodstained, for example, sold better on the Switch even though it was an inferior version and the PS4 had a higher install base. These smaller third party games will definitely sell better on Switch vs the two new consoles because they currently have no install base and need years to build it up still.