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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Should Nintendo make all future consoles hybrids?


Should Nintendo stick with hybrids?

Yes 19 82.61%
No 4 17.39%

We all know that Nintendo Switch is a huge success. And some parts of this achievement are due to it being a handheld and a home console at the same time. Lots of people find it quite convenient.

But I was wondering... Now that Nintendo has fully recovered from the Wii U failure with the Switch, should they make their next-gen console another hybrid? I see people talking about a future "Switch 2" already, but is that what they should do from now? I mean, never split again?

What do you think?

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Alex_The_Hedgehog said:

To be honest, I don't think we are going to see another handheld-only console

Haven't we already seen one with the Switch Lite though?

As for the topic, no, they shouldn't. I have no interest in handhelds and don't want to pay extra for features that I don't want. Give customers a choice.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Alex_The_Hedgehog said:

To be honest, I don't think we are going to see another handheld-only console

Haven't we already seen one with the Switch Lite though?

Oh, I forgot about that...

I'll edit the main topic.

They unified their hardware and software development teams a few years ago when they built their new HQ. I doubt they have plans to diverge their teams again thus we will likely have hybrids going forward.

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For the next decade at least, we surely talking about another hybrid device. Now after that ? I'm not sure but I'd bet they'll do something unique to give some new flair into these devices.

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They will of course continue to produce hybrids and handhelds as they currently are.

They may produce console-only versions at some point to run software at a higher resolution or framerate as well imho.

Their software is getting more scalable anyway as the switch shows (docked mode vs portable mode), so a console-only version for higher performance is not far-fetched.

OP is a good question 

They probably will - if they actually make a hybrid to start with, instead of handheld masquerading as a hybrid (imagine Switch, just with dock that has additonal GPU inside).

That said, I don't care about handhelds at all and just want decently powerful home console from them, but chances are that will not happen anytime soon.

Why not? What's the alternative, separating handheld and home console and cut the potential software sales by half?

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Yes, there's only one problem I see with this strategy, putting all your eggs in one basket.

If they ever have a failed system again it's going to be a disaster.

With the WiiU they had the 3DS to prop them up for a few years, but the recent financial report revealed that the Switch accounts for 96% of Nintendo's Revenue... 96% of revenue from a single product! Imagine where Nintendo would be now if the Switch didn't take off.

If they have a single system strategy and release a system that bombs, they're screwed.

So they just need to make sure that doesn't happen and they're golden. Other than that one concern hybrid is clearly the way to go for them.

Nintendo should definitely stick with the hybrid strategy going forward.  If they do, then we are going to see a permanent change in the marketplace.  Nintendo didn't follow through with motion controls in the long term and yet they were around long enough for Sony and Microsoft to try their own versions.  

We still have a few years before we see what the Switch 2 is like, but if Nintendo keeps with the same strategy then the other console makers will either end up copying or leaving the market.