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sethnintendo said:
Lol forgot about that post... 9 likes and moderation that's funny... I was going to try improve my politeness but now... Jking. I need to work on being a better human being. It's hard.

Yeah I've had to work on my behaviour here too haha, I haven't been banned in like 3 years now but in my total time on VGC (nearly 10 years now) I've had something like 7 temporary bans, generally for just losing my cool and calling people fanboys and the like. Emotional regulation isn't my strong suit and I sometimes say things without thinking it through, especially when I am stressed.

The most liked post in this whole thread (and likely this whole forum) so far, Rol's, also earned him a ban funnily enough. He just came out and said what a lot of us were thinking at the time but were too well behaved to break the rules by saying.

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Sure. Why not? I’m curious.

SpokenTruth said:

Sure. I'm guessing 10-12 likes was the highest.

----------------- Result ----------------------------




You were right!

I think I just topped my number 1.

TruckOSaurus said:
trunkswd said:

Truck, who are the people with the most overall likes?

As of last night it was (the standings are still the same now but the numbers must have changed) :

1. RolStoppable - 2526 likes
2. curl-6 - 1839 likes
3. SpokenTruth 1788 likes
4. zorg1000 1301 likes
5. Hiku 1125 likes
I think a monthly compilation of likes would be interesting to have. Kinda what we have for points.

Can you do the monthly compilation or another top 5 again?

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