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Not sure why they would bring up price when this will most likely be ~$300, maybe more. Of course, there is also the $200 Lite available.

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thismeintiel said:

Not sure why they would bring up price when this will most likely be ~$300, maybe more. Of course, there is also the $200 Lite available.

300? Try 600, it's Alienware after all.

I've never seen anything like it. Day one for me.

Not really a Switch clone if it thrives of a different ecosystem,what they have in common is being a handheld but others did that allready before but calling it a Switch clone makes it get more attention i guess.

It is an interesting product and i see a possible market for these type of handhelds because they have such a large pool of games to grow on,and yes the Switch's games are limited compared to the amount PC has.

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Can it run Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pokemon?


...pass for me.

I buy Nintendo hardware mainly for Nintendo games (even if I play other games too). This is a concept that the rest of the industry seems to have a hard time to accept.

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Spindel said:
Can it run Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pokemon?


Yes, it can! At least emulated it should run anything up to the Wii games. =P

And it doesn't matter how many games the switch has, the catalogue on PC will dwarf any console that is out there.

That said, it won't run switch games, so yeah, I'll still hang on to my switch for that. It's a nice little concept though and there is already a switch emulator available, although most games run like shit right now. Let's just say both devices have their benefits.

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The price isn't cool because it's too low for them to compete with

It looks great but it'll be far too expensive. I'm sure it'll be many times more powerful than the Switch though.

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CaptainExplosion said:
Are they blind? Do they not see how many games the Switch has now?

I knew they were copycats, I just didn't know they were a bunch of idiots.

The Switch has an obvious weakspot in the lack of bigger retail titles and even AA releases outside from Nintendo's own IPs. It has the least robust software lineup of any of the platform holders.

The tweet should be taken as tongue and cheek but from Alienware side, its obvious what they're referring to & there is a valid point. They reviewer should have maybe emphasised variety of big titles as opposed to number (even though Switch still has far less games than other platforms in total)

Want to play a western RPG? there are like 2 titles on the Switch.
Want to play a competitive FPS? There are like 3 titles on the Switch.
Want to play a 3D souls like action RPG? There are like 2 titles on the Switch
Want to play a racing sim? There is like 1 title on the Switch

Most games that are talking points on this forum are not available on the Switch.

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