Forums - Gaming Discussion - If all PlayStation/Xbox games were on PC day 1, would you still buy a console?

If console exclusives disappeared, would you still buy a console?

Yes, consoles still have benefits 78 67.24%
No, there'd be no point in having a console 38 32.76%

If everything was on PC, why would I need more devices?

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Of course, i play my PC in my bedroom while a console is for the living room and great with friends.

I would still purchase a PS5 because even if games go to the PC they're usually not right away and if it's a game I want to play I'm not waiting. As for the XBOX Series X I'll only purchase the console if it's complete backwards compatible with everything XBOX.

Consoles are just much more convenient. So, yes, I'd definitely still buy them.

With that said, if cross-progress becomes common, I'd probably buy more games on PC in addition to my console copies. I do appreciate the generally superior performance of the PC. But, I'm not willing to sacrifice convenience for it very much. If I could have both, I'd often take it.

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If I play games, it'll be on a portable console, a VR headset, or a console connected to my TV. I don't think I'll ever be a PC gamer.

So yeah, if I want to play PS5 games, it'll be on an actual PS5.

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I've pretty much moved on from consoles already.

Just playing everything on my PC is so much more convenient than shoving another plastic thing under my TV. I already use it for so much stuff outside of gaming, it's far more important to me than a console could ever be even if it didn't play games. All my media needs are right here.

Honestly, I haven't really missed skipping this generation of consoles. A few games, yeah, but it's not like I'm lacking for stuff to play.

So,yeah, If I could play everything on PC then,
A) I would save money by not needing to buy consoles,
B) it would be so much more convenient to have everything on one device,
C) with two monitors, I could multitask much easier,
D) I'd have the ability to easily switch to mb/k or controller at moment's notice, and
E) I wouldn't need to fragment my library of games.

I'd still pick up one console (I don't need more per gen), as they are very good value to me - lasting me a good 7~ years without needing to upgrade.

Yes, I'm a console gamer.

1. I love playing on the TV/couch. My PC is used for other things and work. I don't want to constantly move it whenever I want to play a video game, nor do I want to sit in front of my moniter all day, nor do I want to fill up its HDD with video games.
2. I love the simplified and focused UI experience and systsems operation of a game consoles. Plug in and play.
3. Love multiplayer experiences with friends and family which again means TV and gamepads.
4. Enjoy sharing games with my siblings via our shared playerstation accounts and they only have casual notebook laptops, so wouldn't be able to do much PC gaming.
5.Majority of games I want to play do not benefit from a mouse & keyboard, so I'd rather get a gamepad with a console then buying one separately.

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Of course, a console is simply more convenient. For example, twice now last week I touch my gaming laptop to get greeted by a blue screen, windows needs to restart, let's get this out of the way now, FU. My laptop is already slowing down at start up, console still the same. Console is easy to move between tvs, boots straight to game selection, less updates, less hassle, less distractions.

Plus I never have to worry about whether a game will run well. Some don't run perfectly of course, yet since I can't do anything about it anyway, I don't have to worry about maybe it's time for an upgrade, check my drivers, disable some background processes, mess with graphics settings, keep an eye on the cpu/gpu temps, remap my controller, sign in to different stores, scour message boards for hardware specific bugs, get tempted by mods or save game editors instead of playing.