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Main Character...

Geralt 0 0.00%
Ciri 2 66.67%
Vesemir 1 33.33%
Create you're own 0 0.00%
Random Witcher 0 0.00%
Other/Comments/Middle America... 0 0.00%

1. Ciri is the obvious choice but, because of the lack of Witcher mutations you loose so much of the mechanics of what make the game great and unless every other female NPC in the Witchers world are Bi or gay then another majour aspect. As much as I love Ciri as a character, this is my least favourite.

Ciri's ending in the main games seems like a great setup for the above but would they be willing to snub the altruistic players who put Ciri on the throne to serve the world in a much more over arching way.

2. Then there is the create your own Witcher from your school of choice which could be a prequel or a sequel. Can't see much wrong here apart from loosing the great dialogue in these games and some lore smudging.

3. A young Vesimer set a few decades prior, one where you could even have some current or even dead characters appear. This is probably my favourite of my three ideas as it require very little change to any aspect of what The Witcher 3 eventually perfected and there is plenty of lore for CDPR to work from without scewing to far away.

And then there is the obvious return of Geralt after the events of B&W where he gets gets pulled into a greater story, perhaps one where the lodge goes after Ciri or Emyher hunts his heir. Perhaps the true white frost does come and Ciri plays alongside Geralt in a world hopping adventure to rid it entirely. Hmm, The safest bet but perhaps the most boring considering all that has been exhausted in the games so far.

Anyway, enough of mine, this thread is to hear your ideas and give us all hope that there are parts away from a Ciri led sequel.


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I'd rather see Witcher 1 remade and remastered. Just look at this godawful screenshot. It's borderline Oblivion levels of ugly. 

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Well, CD Projekt has shot down more games with playable Geralt many times now, Witcher 3 was designed as an ending for his story, they said that he might appear in future games as an NPC I think, but playable Geralt in the future seems unlikely.

The most likely candidate for Witcher 4 imo is a sequel that makes the Ciri becomes a Witcher ending canon, where we play as Ciri on the Witcher path. I was under the impression that she does end up getting mutations after Witcher 3, because she mentions drinking black blood potion in her Blood and Wine appearance, and I was under the impression that only mutated Witchers could safely drink that potion. But even without witcher mutations or signs, either way it seems like she can drink at least some witcher potions and use witcher bombs, her melee capabilities are already pretty much on par with mutated Witchers, and there's a possibility that she could learn to control her power between 3 and 4, which would allow her to use full-on sorceress spells which would be more powerful than witcher signs would be. She is also bi, which gives CDP the ability to do male and female romance options to make everyone happy.

A create your own Witcher game is a possibility as well. I think that we'll get either Ciri or a create your own Witcher game. I've also seen people suggest young Vesemir, Lambert, or Eskel games, but I find those kind of unlikely, none of them have the popularity of Ciri or Geralt that would be necessary to pull off a lead role in a game. But no matter what happens, a new AAA Witcher game after Cyberpunk seems likely. CD Projekt didn't recently cut a new deal with Andrzej Sapkowski that grants them increased Witcher game rights for no reason. 

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Cerebralbore101 said:

I'd rather see Witcher 1 remade and remastered. Just look at this godawful screenshot. It's borderline Oblivion levels of ugly. 

A Witcher 1 remake would be great for sure, but CD Projekt has suggested that they are not a fan of remakes and don't plan to remake 1 or 2.