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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Be Honest With Me: How Bad is Sword & Shield?


What would you rate Sword & Shield?

1 5 7.46%
2 0 0%
3 1 1.49%
4 3 4.48%
5 6 8.96%
6 8 11.94%
7 10 14.93%
8 25 37.31%
9 6 8.96%
10 3 4.48%

So I've played nearly every main series Pokemon game. But I haven't picked up Sword or Shield. I'm among those who were pissed off about Dexit, and I got the impression that S&S were rushed, low-quality games with little effort put into them (OoT tree comes to mind here). Plus, I felt that buying the game would just be rewarding the anti-consumer behavior Game Freak is known for. Well it seems like I was voted out on that last point (though I'm curious to see the Q4 sales when they get released), and I've lately become less concerned about the National Dex.

Then today's Pokemon Direct made me feel better about the games. I'm thrilled that they're finally abandoning the third version in favor of DLC (and I especially appreciate that they were quite direct about it). So then the only question that remains is how good are they? Are they good enough to warrant a $60 price? Or are they only worth it if you can get it for less? $40? $30? Would most appreciate comments from those who, like me, have played most games in the series, and have had time to digest Sword and Shield. Thanks!

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It is not bad at all, just like all the other mainline Pokémon games. Not stellar, but still a solid 8.

Can you tell us what you thought about each of the previous generations?

I'd give it an 8/10, but it is the first non-first generation Pokemon game for me. I've only ever played Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and Let's Go Eevee.

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It's one of my favorite games of 2019

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It's not. It is a really solid game and a lot of fun. The rest is up to you.

The game is fun.
The exploration is my dream of pokemon game: be able to see the pokemon in wild, go towards, or run from it, even reacting to some of your actions. (Lets go do not count, because there is no space for this iteration in the small routes of kanto). A big field whee you find pokemon at your level and overleveled pokemon. Even fully evolved, that you never found in the wild before, and when you find, is exciting! Feels like im really in a pokemon world. Something that no other pokemon game before did(in this proportion).
Also, there is also random encouter on the tall grass.
About the new mechanics, it is interesting competitively. Allows every pokemon to have this big moment. It also cast terrains and weather effects more often, generating more variation of conditions and variation of strategies. Also, training competitive teams is more acessible due to mints (you dont have to abandon your favorite pokemon just because it dont have the correct competitive nature).
Story is meh, there are some bugs, usability is good, music is good, post game content is lackluster...
For me, the strong points outpass by far the weak ones, I am enjoying a lot.

StarDoor said:
Can you tell us what you thought about each of the previous generations?

1: Pretty bad but who can complain?

2. Loved it! Such a big improvement!

3: Great! 

4: Good. Only played Pearl, though.

5: My favorite! Great story, and the sequels are my favorite main series game.

6: Like them! X and Y had so much charm and I thought ORAS were great remakes!

7: This is where things start to peter out with me. I thought Sun and Moon were just okay at best, and then I absolutely hated Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for being the exact same game. I forgot to mention this in the OP, but USUM were part of the reason I had a bad taste for Pokemon, and the abandonment of the the third version makes that better.

Edit: Also Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness are the unquestionably best games in the series.

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Sword/Shield are better than the 3DS games.

Main game is an 8/10. Post game is a 7/10. I voted 7/10. The competitive aspect is crap compared to previous games. This is because Dynamaxing breaks the game, and too many OU staples got cut in Dexit. Dynamaxing doubles a poke'mon's HP, and let's them do 120 power STAB moves that massively buff their stats. Way too many OU staples were cut from the game, which effectively cut the meta in half. What new poke'mon they brought into the game either couldn't fill the vacuum or were seriously overpowered to the point of being Ubers tier.

Anyway the result is that most teams just consist of abusing Dynamaxed Hawlucha, or Dynamaxed Gyrados. And if they aren't running that they are running the OP fossils that hit you for over 300 power stab moves.