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Forums - Sales Discussion - Nintendo Switch sold 1.25m units in France in 2019, 3.3m LTD

Nintendo Switch continued its success in France and comfortably cleared Nintendo France's set goal of 3.0m LTD by the end of 2019.


- 1.25m Switch consoles sold in 2019, 3.3m LTD. (1.1m in 2018, 950k in 2017)

- The hybrid SKU alone outsold the PS4 in 2019, Switch Lite alone sold more than the XB1 in 2019. More concrete figures weren't provided.

- Switch Lite is mostly bought by young adults.

- 30% of Switch users are female. Nintendo France expects this share to grow in 2020 with the upcoming release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

- Roughly half of all Switch owners are young adults, the other half is families with children.

- Roughly half of all physical games purchased in France in 2019 were either for Switch or the 3DS.

- 8 of the 10 best-selling games overall in 2019 were Nintendo Switch titles. Pokémon Sword/Shield sold 650k copies, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold 502k in 2019 alone, Luigi's Mansion 3 is at 392k.

- Ring Fit Adventure finished as #22 in 2019 with 120k copies sold. Nintendo France's general manager regrets to not have placed higher orders at Nintendo's parent company because RFA ran out of stock. TV commercials for RFA will be aired in February again when stock is properly replenished, so Nintendo remains committed to the title.

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