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Forums - Sony Discussion - There are still some PS1 remakes to be had Sony

I'm glad Sony is into these PS1 era remakes. Crash. Spyro..yes I know those are Activision. I was very glad to get Medievil.  However, some are still missing.

Ape Escape. No not that PSP one.

Omega Boost. This game was great!

Legend of Dragoon. Sony loved to put out RPGs then never give them a sequel. Legend of Dragoon. Demon Souls. Bloodborne (so far but who knows with PS5)

Oh and for good measure while not a PS1 era game. I want a new Sly Cooper.

Anyone else wanting remakes of these?

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I wouldn't be surprised if all the Ape Escape noise coming out of SEJA these past couple of months is a remake of AE1 for PS5.

Colony Wars - Perfect for VR, space flight combat? Mix that in with some resource building and stuff and you got yourself a killer VR app.
G-Police - Another VR type game, fly around a cyberpunk future? Add some FPS comabt sections in there too and you have yourself a winner.
Twisted Metal World Tour - When PS3 Twisted Metal came out they failed with it, not only because it was released at the time of online pass bullcrap but because it legit had 'races' in it and lacked run and gun control scheme. They need to remake World Tour.

Would love to see some Omega Boost too, think the market isn't there for that one however.

Hmm, pie.

Hell freaking yes. I agree and I think about this all the time. From their first party library, Legend of Dragoon is the obvious pick. It has huge potential with what you can do with an RPG nowadays.

Another one that's a dream for me is Tenchu. It's not first party but as far as I can tell it's owned by From Software right? They did Bloodborne for the PS4 so they must have a good relationship. A Tenchu reboot/remake is a no brainer. Hopefully Sekiro's success and if Ghost of Tsushima is successful they'll consider it.

Rumor has it that there is a new Ape Escape in the works.

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I would like a Syphon Filter sequel or even remake and Soul Reaver Remake (for me the story on it is closed so no sequels).

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I recently bought Legend of Dragoon on my PS3 so hopefully Sony will be all like "people are still into this game? must remake this now!" least that's how my brain was processing it as I bought the game lol

I knew that when I clicked on this thread that Legend of Dragoon would be mentioned.

For me PS1 was mostly a Final Fantasy machine. I'd really like to see Final Fantasy 9 and FF Tactics get a full remake with bonus content. I'd also just plain appreciate a sequel to FF Tactics on a home system that had more of the style of the first Tactics game instead of the Nintendo handheld sequels that we ended up getting.

The acitivision and RE2 were good but others feel like a cheap way to make some cash. 

Medieval being one of the worst offenders, it is honestly bare bones compared to Crash/Spyro trilogy.  Should have been Medieval 1/2 in one collection, SOTC should have been bundled with ICO, we already had a HD release of SOTC on PS3.

I love Ape escape and platinumed the second one on PS4 and still annoyed that they did not release Ape escape 3,  honestly I prefer they make a new one instead of remastering the old ones (but I don't say no to a remaster collection of Ape escape 1-3.)

i Liked Parasite EVE 1-2