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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon Direct announced for January 9th 2020

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I need a Pokemon Warriors game

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Pokemon Spear announcement.

I have no idea what could be announced, as I think a mainline game won’t be this year

Has Sword/Shield any expansion announced yet? I don't think so.

So look forward to the opportunity to expand the world of Sword/Shield later this year.

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When the 'hate' started with not all pokemon included they should have announced that the game will get monthly events that will include some old pokemon who will get added in the game.

Hardcore Pokemon RPG, not for kids, announced with photorealistic (like Pikmin) graphics. Open world. Brock went evil and we have to stop him before he turns the entire world into one giant rock Pokemon all so he can finally score a date with a girl.

People expecting an actual Nintendo Direct just go bamboozled hard here xD
Pretty sure we could Detective Pikachu 2 and a new Mystery Dungeon. It's be great !

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The successor to PokeBank (what was the name) will be shown, features explained, maybe shadow drop.

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A new Pokemon Direct? I wanted the announcement of the next Smash DLC character. -_-