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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony Reveals PS5 Logo

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Not too shabby! Was hoping for a glimpse of the console - hopefully not too much longer.

Same fonts from PS4?

Yup, same font from PS3/PSV/PS4


EDIT: You should add this image to your original post.

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While the consistency makes it easy to know what to expect, it also is a bit of let down in that you already know what to expect.

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As a hardcore gamer the logo makes me feel manly. I can't wait to have manly experiences with my PS5.

No specs at all I see. Makes me think they're scrambling at the last minute to change something, especially after MS surprised everyone at the game awards.

the ultimate tease

It was nice getting those stats for the PS4, but I would have liked to get some more PS5 info. Even just a game demo of a 1st party title would have been nice. Oh well, guess we have to wait til Feb (most likely) for a PS5 event like the PS4 got.