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starcraft said:
Darwinianevolution said:
At what point do you realize you have to let something go?

Agreed. Several people in this thread need to move on from the franchise and leave it to those millions of folk still enjoying it.

Like Darwinian said, it's a question of respecting people. We know when they fucked up and when they are just trying to make us forget. It's a very cringeworthy feeling and move on their part.

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So guys, this is looking very likely to be accurate now. A recent chapter of the Kylo Ren comic used the term High Republic, saying that it was a time where the Jedi were very active throughout the Galaxy. High Republic has never been used in Star Wars canon or in the old EU/Legends before, the first Galactic Republic was only ever called the Republic or the Old Republic before now. The fact that they chose now, shortly after this leak, to coin the term High Republic as part of Star Wars canon, makes the leak look very likely to be accurate.

So, this was announced earlier today:

Nice to see it announced. Hopefully the movies and game also happen.

Mr.GameCrazy said:
So, this was announced earlier today:

lol @1:25! They need to remind themselves that Star Wars should have droids, space battles, the force, etc. in it!? Also putting such irrelevances like representation/diversity/not pro-war does not give me hope they'll produce quality. Seriously, not pro-war? You are making entertainment, not a guide on how we should live our lives.