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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - GameStop's system listing new mystery SKUs for Switch

What do you think?



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Do I smell...a Direct? Seeing that we don't know of much of Nintendo's 2020, I think it's fair to assume we're gonna have one very soon.

We always have an early january direct.

Incoming Nintendo Direct.

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Nu-13 said:

We always have an early january direct.

There wasnt in 2019

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It's 2020, so it's inevitable that the next Direct will come, whether it is next week or in two, three or more weeks.

15 new SKUs isn't shabby because the Direct will be first and foremost about games that will release within the next six months.

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Sounds like a meaty direct is coming soon :o


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I'm a guess dark siders  3 is one of those. And maybe rage 2. Side note: I f*&kin hate typing on smart phones

One of them will be the recently rated Metro Redux.

Fingers crossed this next Direct is more on par with the awesome February 2019 one and less like the utterly horrible last one in September. I really need some concrete new games to look forward to this year.

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