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Most Anticipated New Release of January

AO Tennis 2 15 1.60%
Atelier Dusk DX Trilogy 21 2.24%
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 156 16.67%
Journey to the Savage Planet 4 0.43%
Puzzle & Dragons GOLD 8 0.85%
The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners 12 1.28%
Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore 191 20.41%
Yakuza: Like a Dragon 151 16.13%
WarCraft III: Reforged 73 7.80%
Nothing This Month 305 32.59%

Quite a slim January right now, so there's space to put some remasters/upgraded ports in this month's poll.

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This is an easy one.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire console release.

Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day

Something not on the list cause it's DLC, Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind

Nothing. Actually not sure if there is anything announced with a release date that I am excited about in general.

Out of those... Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot even if I have my doubts.

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Nothing for me this month or in February, while March will open the floodgates starting with FF7.

I'm waiting to play TEMTEM (a MMO like Pokemon, which will be released this month on Steam via early acess)

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Atelier Dusk DX Trilogy. Need to get my hands on a physical copy.

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I'd think my username would be a giveaway for what new release this month I am excited for. If it isn't obvious, than you've never seen Dragon Ball Z.

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore. Though I'm not sure if I'll wait until a price drop. Did the WiiU version ever get a price drop?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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