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Forums - Movies Discussion - HAZBIN HOTEL pilot (an adult animated black comedy)

You all should see this one,the amount of effort going into this is amazing and it is all achieved by an independent team that mainly uses a youtube channel to make these animations public but i tell you this is of higher quality than most animations seen on television and every single frame is a work of art.

So check this out ,i'm sure some of you will love it and please consider to leave a comment on what you thought about this creative project.

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I watched it a few weeks ago. I thought it was hilarious, and the animation was excellent, not just for an independent production but just in general. I hope the series gets picked up by someone or otherwise gets sufficiently funded to become a full series. I already bought a couple of t-shirts to help fund Vivziepop's work.

Oh, and she also made this spin-off that was released not too long after Hazbin Hotel was:

Been meaning to check this out. Love the art style/animation!

Watched it and as a hardcore Imaishi fan it's just up my alley. Gonna follow this one closely and see if they can keep up with this insane amount of quality.

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VivziePop announced on Twitter earlier that Hazbin Hotel has been picked up as a full series by A24:

I'm super excited by this. Can't wait to see more episodes. Vivzie and the crew did a livestream a few weeks back showing that new Helluva Boss episodes are in production.

Oh, and if anyone hasn't seen it, Vivzie also did an official video for the fan-written song "Addict" (mild NSFW warning, as with the show itself):