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Let me introduce you to this thing called "porn".

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I actually find it nice that new content has come to a halt. My feeds are almost empty as well, which would typically bring my day down. However, since I had already anticipated this, I have been able to shut off the part off my mind that is seeking new input, and get back to experiencing some great content from the past.

Right now, I am only checking the news when I have to take a break to eat. Check YouTube for a quick video to watch while I eat, and check VGChartz after I am done. Then it is back to whatever VR Content or Game I am enjoying.

Currently I am trying to get caught up on my XBO backlog. I never got around to Alan Wake back when it launched, and I am now finally getting to live that experience. Then I am going to move on to finishing the 2nd half of Ryse: Son of Rome, and finally I will complete Gears 5. I'm also playing Shooty Fruity, Espire 1 VR, and buzzing around Laguna Seca in GT Sport's VR Mode.

If I can finish all of that I have Assasin's Creed Oyssey, A Plague Tale, Just Cause 4, and Kindom Hearts III to get to as well.

Besides CES, there is nothing else on the radar in January. TV is on break, and not returing until late February or March, and we most likely won't hear anything else about next gen until February as well. I have about 1 to 2 months to get caught up, then the flood gates open on news and new releases.

Enjoy the break in news and new content while it last. Come the end of February you will have more content flooding in than you can possibly keep up with.

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I was also going to such adult material but perhaps this down time would be a great opportunity to explore new corners of the Internet. Venture away from your usual.

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Yep, there's not much to browse while taking a break from Death stranding. I was already weaned off GT Planet anyway, got banned for calling out Brazilian driving standards, then they started deleting my posts so I left the public forum pretty much. Normally I would be racing and discussing racing all day. Death stranding took over just in time for Polyphony Digital to completely screw up the penalty system, going back to racing with all the kids at home for the holidays messing it up, no thanks.

Game and tv series discussions rarely happen anymore. Everyone has such huge back logs and different binge viewing speeds that you end up avoiding all possible spoiler related content. News and politics don't interest me anymore, it's always the same crap. The internet is now mostly for porn and trouble shooting.

Yep, and I tried to set up some dates for this downtime. Unfortunately for me, this will be my first holiday season pretty much alone.

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I failed, I failed, I failed.

Oh well, need to catch up on Video games and anime anyways.

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Pardon me, im still raiding these days and teamspeak is the same banter as usual

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This is my first holiday away from my family and it does feel a bit strange. I don't mind this slow period though. It does mean less work for me to do. While I will still do all the sales work there is very little gaming news for about two weeks every year.

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Just become a football fan then. 'tis one of the busiest times of the year for football! Plenty of content there to occupy your time.

Have you tried watching livestreams? Yes watching someone play a video game is kinda dumb, but for us lonlies it's the closest thing to positive social interaction, to what it's like having a friend. Twitch has a a bad rep, but there are still plenty of good peeps on there.

Well, I like it. It reminds me of the calm days of the internet where you fetched content and it wasn't blasted into your fae 24/7 earning insane amounts of disdain from me.

That was only in 2012's Summer. Come 2013 and it all goes belly up... and it really sucked!

Epic was right all along...