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This is the first time a single platform swept the Week 51 Top 10 since 1988

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But why VGchartz didn't post it ? Usually VGchartz posts it at this time

Anyone know what the top 30 for software is?

Wyrdness said:
Anyone know what the top 30 for software is?

It comes later in the day

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Mario and Sonic is the the polar opposite to the frontloaded sales trend we usually see. I think it sold only 18k on launch week and is now at 154k and will easily sell more than ten times its launch week in lifetime sales, this is extremely rare.

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Marth said:
This is the first time a single platform swept the Week 51 Top 10 since 1988

Amazing. Did it ever happen two years in a row? Because with switch's dominance + 2020 being it's peak + the ps5 potentially having a lower opening than ps4 could result in another week 51 switch top 10.

Also super mario party selling 1.23m physical copies alone with it's measly four boards is kind of undeserved and gives nintendo no incentive to improve the series.

The Switch doing almost the same number as last year.

Switch software sales continue being insane, Pokémon doing almost 300k is truly something else.

PS4 getting a great boost from that discount but the fall will be harsh when it returns to its normal price.

Thanks Marth for making the thread. Been busy with family on holiday. Merry Switchmas to the Famitsu Sales family xD. Hoping everyone is reunited with your loved ones.

You know why I'm here: It's chart time!!

W51 marks the highest for Switch hardware and the second best for PS4 in 2019

In the graph, W51 is higher than last year because I'm comparing the data with MC (which is the data I have)

Switch is killing in the software department: evergreens everywhere. Nintendo, stock RFA (people want to get fit)

I'll be posting Famitsu charts on the site tomorrow, as well as worldwide hardware figures. I'm spending Christmas day with my girlfriend and her family.

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