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Forums - Movies Discussion - The Rise of Skywalker was awesome - FIGHT ME! (spoiler free)

Went to go see it Sunday with some friends.  Was a bit worried beforehand after hearing all the mixed/negative reactions.

In conclusion... It was awesome!  Don't understand where all the hate is coming from.  It was non-stop action from start to finish.

It was funny, exciting and suspenseful - and I thought it did a great job wrapping up the series.

Thought the fan-service was perfect too- including a bunch of cameos from characters throughout the entire saga.

Gonna take my son over the holiday break to see it again with him - I know he's going to love it too.

Disagree?  Saturday.  Jungle gym. 2 PM pussies. You bring the body bags - I'll bring the pain!

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I dont need saturday, seeing as your name involves zombies, the most overused boring enemy ever says enough about your taste

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Zombie9ers said:

Don't understand where all the hate is coming from.

Did you bother to look? You don't have to look far lul.

Well, since its spoiler free we couldn't possibly go into detail about the idiotic retconning, bad writing, and shitting on the franchise

It was poorly written, contradictory, clunky and cluttered, and a lot of fun. Probably my favorite of the new trilogy. I wouldn't call it a good movie but it was the first one of the three that felt like "Star Wars" to me. I actually see myself watching it multiple times.

To quote a video I watched yesterday: "The whole trilogy just feels like what would happen if you described Star Wars to an alien and they wrote their own movie." It just doesn't have heart. It ended better than I could have expected, though.

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Sorry but no, there’s some qualities here and here, but overall the movie is a mess. A lot of the fan services were too evident and cringy at the same time.
Some moments are supposed to have emotional consequences, but even impactful decisions aren’t worth anything since movie maker isn’t even committed to them, CPO is a good example of that.
Abrams is trying so much to undo or ignore the previous movie that he tried to reignite the spark of all useless plot lines he started in the TFA and it feels like an ego trip throughout the full duration of the movie.
The movie would have been better without the rectconning.

I enjoyed it a lot too.

I didnt enjoy it simply because I like good story telling and interesting characters.

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New three taints the whole franchise.

As I already said elsewhere, I thought it was good. Not great, but still a solid ending to the new trilogy nonetheless. The main criticism I'd have for Rise of the Skywalker is that it plays everything safe, after The Last Jedi actually did something new and interesting with the series. All three films in this new trilogy have their problems, but overall I still like them all. At least they washed away some of the bad taste that the prequels left me with.