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KLAMarine said:

How'd you guys feel when Leia ignored Chewie and hugged Rey instead? Prior to that, Rey and Leia had never met before.

Leia ignores Han's long-time partner for the unknown Rey.

I honestly didn't think anything of it the first time I watched it. It didn't even register with me. But in retrospect it wasn't a good decision. That and Abrams' lack of any sense of cosmic scale (the destruction of Hosnian system being visible from Takodana was a mirror of the destruction of Vulcan in Star Trek '09 being visible from another planet) were things that bugged me. I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie, though.

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Will watch it when it absolutely costs me no money because a cinema tickets prize is too steep for a movie that at best has just nice visuals imo,that why i don't see transformers on the big screen either.

I saw it yesterday.

Decent movie, it wraps up this trilogy in a satisfying way. It is true what people have been saying about how it feels like it's too fast paced. It's kind of tiring to watch. This proves how The Last Jedi was a waste of time, as Rise of Skywalker obviously tries to fix things from the previous movie and set things up for an actual plot in this one. It is necessary. After half an hour to an hour, the catching up is done though and things get a bit more streamlined. The movie answers pretty much all the questions we had in this trilogy, and most characters have a satisfying end to their stories. Ian McDiarmid as Palpatine does his job well. He should've been introduced sooner. It however doesn't really get rid of the feeling that the whole trilogy feels disjointed, not only from each other but also from the two earlier trilogies. The overarching story doesn't really feel like a necessary or logical follow up to the end of Return of the Jedi. The prequels never had this problem, they feel like they belong in front of the original trilogy. Rogue One also fits seamlessly into the story of the saga as a whole.

Overall I'd say, probably the best of the sequel trilogy, but I'll decide that definitively when I have seen it at least once more. For now personally, because ranking things is what we do on this site;

A New Hope/Empire Strikes Back > Return of the Jedi > Rogue One > Revenge of the Sith > Rise of Skywalker > The Force Awakens > Solo > Attack of the Clones > The Phantom Menace > The Last Jedi.

A couple thoughts below. Spoilers obviously:


This is a pretty dark movie actually. The parts on the Sith world were quite unsettling. I love how Palpatine is as all-powerful as he is. He and Yoda are supposed to be the most powerful Force users that have ever existed so it's good that it shows.

Palpatine being able to just Force Lightning the entire Resistance/Republic fleet at once is awesome. Like Vader said "The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of The Force." Palpatine shows it. Minor nitpicking though, I realise Rey was supposed to have the backing of all of the fallen Jedi in the conclusion, but this was a good chance to get those Jedi visibly behind Rey and tie all the trilogies together. You hear their voices, but it would have been awesome if at first you see Luke, then old Obi Wan, then Yoda, then Mace Windu, then Qui-Gon Jinn and the other Jedi from the council, I think you even hear the voice of Ashoka Tano in there so show her as well, and then finally even Hayden Christensen's Anakin. Save Leia for the final scene on Tatooine like in the film now, that's powerful.

I don't like the fact that there's again some kind of planet-killing device. The Death Star was always supposed to be some ultimate terror, the pinnacle of Imperial might and according to Episode 3 and Rogue One some kind of super complicated tech, but then Episode 7 came with it's own version of it and now..

They can fit a weapon that's as powerful on a single Star Destroyer. I'd say the ability to spawn an endless fleet of ships would've been enough already.

Also, I think the backlash about Rose's character when The Last Jedi came out probably diminished her role for this movie. She kind of felt like an Episode 2 Jar Jar. Next to that, I'm fine with Rey's origins and the resolution of Kylo Ren's character. I'm happy Chewie finally got a medal (Han's I presume), but Finn I am also impressed by how they used Leia after Carrie Fisher had already died. The use of earlier shot scenes is amazing. Not sure about Rey's healing ability though and it's too bad we never got an answer about how Maz got Anakin/Luke's blue Lightsaber in Episode 7 after it fell into the abyss on Bespin in Empire Strikes Back. But, I'm very happy my favourite Lightsaber colour, yellow, is now also finally movie-canon.

Finally I was totally surprised by the appearance of Han Solo there, even if he was just a figment of Kylo's imagination, I did not expect Harrison Ford to be there at all. Cool to see Wedge again for a second.

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Also, BoxOfficeMojo reports Rise of Skywalker brought in $40M on the Thursday previews, and estimate a $215M opening weekend. This is $5M lower than The Last Jedi on both accounts. The Last Jedi had bad legs though. For further comparison, The Force Awakens did $57M with previews and had a $248M opening weekend.

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RT audience score is over 86%. There is a clear difference between critics and public here.

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I liked it a lot. It did a lot of things that I just didn't see in other films if the new trilogy.

-Rey seemed more human and fallible (even though she is still super powerful)

-Finn quit being totally useless and is actually kinda cool, now.

-They showed some pretty imaginative locations.

-There was a fun journey that the audience got to tag along (much better than Ep 8's space ship, Casino, Salt/Ice locations)

-They tied up lots of loose ends. Even things that I thought couldn't be explained were explained in a mostly satisfying way.

Didn't like:
-Certain things simply weren't explained and apparently never will be.

-The main trio still feel kinda generic.

-Introduced a lot of characters that we're supposed to care about but we never had the time to get to know them.

That's all I'll say without spoilers. Still a good time and makes me want to watch all 9 films back to back.

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It was awful, definitely the worst of the new trilogy by a very wide margin. The issues literally start from the first line of the opening crawl. How anyone can think this is better than TFA or TLJ is beyond me.

pikashoe said:
It was awful, definitely the worst of the new trilogy by a very wide margin. The issues literally start from the first line of the opening crawl. How anyone can think this is better than TFA or TLJ is beyond me.

I do agree that was kind of cheesy start of the opening crawl. Maybe they were referencing RotS's "WAR!".

mZuzek said:
People still care?

Not about the movie no.

About the historical significance of Star Wars becoming a dead brand? Yes, people care about that because it's entertaining.


It was kind of fun, but as a movie it's bad, like really bad. The plot and writing is basically a fanfiction, and not a good fanfiction at that. There are a few cool ideas and action scenes and some nice visuals here and there, but that's really it for the positives. It's the first dumb Star Wars movie.