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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Capcom trademarks "Dino Crisis" and "Darkstalkers"

This might be a formality for Capcom, but it could lead to something that we’ve been waiting for for a long time.

According to a Twitter account that tweets out trademark applications in Japan from the “Public / International Trademark Gazette”, Capcom has filed several new trademarks. Apart from Power Stone and Rockman, the ones that genre fans are interested in are Capcom’s 1998 panic horror classic Dino Crisis and Vampire, aka Darkstalkers!

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Well it certainly can have a reboot.

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We'll see more re-releases and compilations. And while I'm sure people would love it, I doubt they will try to remake DinoCrisis, or at least, with the same efford they did the RE ones.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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No doubt a rerelease that will still require you to download 95% of the game if you purchase a physical version. FMD.



I know everyone wants a new Dino Crisis. I've actually never played the series before. However, I'm a HUGE Darkstalkers fan. A brand new fighting game in that series is definitely a must. I'll get the new Dino Crisis as well to finally play the game.

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Nintendo Trademarks Eternal Darkness every couple of years. So this might be just holding onto the TM than a new game or anything like that.

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Dino Crisis Remake or a new one please!

Will be interesting to see how they translate the original vision into the modern ResidentEvil formula.

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Been waiting for a new Dino Crisis for so long now it hurts T_T