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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Tekken zaibatsu from discord thought I was a girl


Are you surprised?

yes 1 12.50%
No 5 62.50%
I love you ! 1 12.50%
use face app to see what ... 1 12.50%

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A. I've no idea who that is or why this thread is relevant.

B. Are you sure you're not? Like, completely 100% sure? Cuz... you never know

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

You mean you aren't? xD

People should know that a random person on the internet is more likely to be male even if they have a female avatar.

A lot of guys use female avatars. This guy should know that.

I once entered a random Anime chat on Discord, and some guys asked me if I were a "trap".

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I assume all female avatar users to be girls.

Dante9 said:
I assume all female avatar users to be girls.

Big mistake.

Why are you trying to make yourself look like a girl?

Pretty sure catfishing is not okay.

I remembered when guys though I was a girl with my last P0rnhub account probably because my avy was of a girl. So they also probably though that I was animated, had long blue pigtails and sang in Japanese with a high pitched voice. Hmmm... They might be on to something.