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Are you hyped for FFVII Remake?

Hell yes! 29 52.73%
Not hyped 6 10.91%
I want to get pinned on Cloud.. 1 1.82%
PS5 version! 7 12.73%
PC version! 5 9.09%
XBOX! 4 7.27%
PS4/PS5/PC and XBOX versions! 3 5.45%

15 Days to go y'all, stay safe and healthy out there.

FF7 Remake- Air Buster & Sector 5 Reactor Mission

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Still feels like the game is releasing in a decade.

The wait has made me really bored with the games I can currently play. No games hold my interest for long right now.

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Yay only two more weeks - if my preordered steelbook edition gets shipped in time. :D

With Persona 5 Royal the best RPG of this Year :)

We all live in Games-Paradise, so many new big PS4-Games!
March 31: Persona 5 Royal, April: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Sakura Wars & Resident Evil 3
May: The Last of Us 2. June: Ghost of Tsushima !!!

Alright y'all we're down to 11 days for release.