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Gnizmo said:

Hasus? Pronounced Hey-zeus right? You mispelled the name very badly. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that the name is extremely well known.

I spelled it that way so I wouldn't have to write out Jesus. I thought it might be offensive to people. Jesus.

Oh well then carry on. Just wanted to make sure.

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VGChartz nailed the top ten software in the head. Good work.

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shams said:
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FishyJoe said:
DMeisterJ said:
ismael said:
Wii is a fad, next month it will sell less than PS3 for sure

The Wii will stop selling when MGS4 comes out.

I thought it was supposed to have negative sales, or is that next year?

Next year, when Home relases.

And then they will explode in fear when FF XIII is released, and it will turn out that the Wiis sold were actually PS3s in disguise...

No, they explode in fear when its announced that FF XIII is actually a Wii exclusive ;) - now THAT would rock the boat...


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Sqrl said:
celine said:
Where is Dolla ? It's GIFs time !

anyone remember this?

That was a while ago =) 


Glad that's not the case anymore.

@ Bigjon

Oh noes... Don't remind me.

I just wanted you guys to know, that back when the numbers needed adjusted in favor of the PS3 I was all like, "Boo, leave them stupid numbers like they are, NPD is stupid."

...but now that the Wii needs upwards adjusting, I'm like "Quick! Send ioi a PM and fix this grevious error!!"

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Love to see the spin MS & Sony put on this one... attach rates, PSP "more top#10 sellers than DS", "PS3 incredible year on year growth", etc.

And finally the PS3 outsells the PS2 - about time!

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Sqrl said:
celine said:
Where is Dolla ? It's GIFs time !

anyone remember this?

That was a while ago =)

 That was funny!, i remember that timeswhere we didn't know that PS3 would be the winner of this generation

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Damn, what happened to the PS2? 
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PS3 up by around 140K from last year..

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