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Forums - Gaming Discussion - RUMOR: Kojima In Talks With Konami For New Silent Hill.

Hideo Kojima is reportedly in talks with Konami to work on a brand new Silent Hill game, according to Reddit user Sarkzt0001. As unlikely as this sounds, it does match up with previous news that Kojima-san is looking to make a new horror game, so Silent Hill definitely fits the bill in that respect.

The report claims that Kojima has been in talks with Konami to produce a new Silent Hill game since wrapping up Death Stranding. While Kojima Productions will have creative control over the project, Konami will determine who the main actor will be, with Reedus reportedly not involved in the title.

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I'm totally not surprised by this. I wonder why Kojima didnt just ask SONY for the Siren series tho.

Here is more fuel to fire - The co founder of Kojima Productions recently quit "due to a disagreement"... What could that disagreement have been about? Hmmmm

i am more believe Xbox scarlet rumor run at 16 teraflop rather then this rumor. LOL

That would be quite the shocker.

I was recently thinking about SH2 and listening to its soundtrack. A new good Silent Hill is long overdue.

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Xxain said:
I'm totally not surprised by this. I wonder why Kojima didnt just ask SONY for the Siren series tho.

A new Siren would be balls off the walls. Though if such a thing were to exist I wonder if they would make a completely new one or do a reimagining of the second game like they did with Siren: Blood Curse. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Why not just make a new horror IP, assuming he can still bank on Sony's backing? Surely any publisher is better than Konami from his perspective after what happened. And who cares about the name of the IP anyway~

I'd rather Sony buy the IP than have Konami involved with the project. I really don't believe this at all, anyway. Not with all the bad blood between the two.

I highly doubt it. Konami only wants to make low budget games at best like with Bomberman R and Contra Rogue Corps when it comes to classic series.

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