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Forums - NSFW Discussion - I was curious so i signed up on grindr


Should i say something to them?

yes 1 16.67%
no 3 50.00%
you'd be cuter as a girl 2 33.33%

I wanted to see the reactions If its true that gay men find me attractive , and my message were filled with horney men sending dick pics and wanting to do me right now XD . I was awed and confused i guess . my account name is honduras_wink and all it took was me uploading this picture there really horney , but I only there to chat XD 

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John2290 said:
I just don't know how to respond to this post. It's unexpected, that's for sure.

yeah, I'm unsure why i signed up maybe i want a mans d ? IDK? but my heart says dont do it :) there like 1 mile away or 9 miles away theres like 20 horney guys im like ??? I wish to fuck a girl rn but idk why i signed up in my mind XD

I game on all consoles and PC

oh my i just read a 385lb guy bio it said hes hiv + its also undected I'm scared

I game on all consoles and PC

Back in highschool, my friend had Grindr, and stumbled on our sport teacher's account, apparently he's into very kinky things. Could never look at him the same after that.
Should keep your account for the shits and giggles, though.  

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I deleted grindr because there was a guy looking for me and wanted car sex he said he has a girlfriend i dont want her to know im fucking her man . she might do something to me so I deleted it I fucked no one on grindr I'm happy teasing my butt and dresses for the time . now i'm going to pay for asia date .com and get an asian girl there

I game on all consoles and PC

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Hello , this avatar got them men going crazy for me XD

I game on all consoles and PC