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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Alien Isolation, the first game to look better on Switch than on PS4/XB1?

Digital Foundry testing shows that the Switch version uses a modern temporal anti-aliasing technique combined with adaptive sharpening that does a much better job of masking jagged edges than the outdated T2X anti-aliasing used on PS4 and XB1 back in 2014. This results in considerably improved image quality, as Alien Isolation is a game with alot of straight edges thanks to being set on a space station, and those large numbers of straight edges constantly shimmered as you moved on PS4 and XB1. There are some areas where PS4 and XB1 are better, they run at a native 1080p, whereas Switch uses dynamic res that ranges from 756p-1080p, and there are some graphical settings like ambient occlusion, motion blur, level of detail distance, and shadow pop-in distance that are lower or non-existent on Switch. Cutscenes are also more heavily compressed on Switch, likely to cut-down on file size, and loading times are slower as well. However, in spite of all of that, the Switch version still looks better to me personally, as someone who is particularly averse to aliasing artifacts. 

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The name on the video seems a little contradicted.

Switch version from OP seems to be a little lower on several things, but doing better AA.

Still considering the game looked good on PS4 and that the minimum res on Switch is good this may be another great port for Switch owners to enjoy without missing much.

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I had to rub my eyes a bit. But whaaaaaaat.

It is a port of a PS3/360 game so the PS4/XBO versions being much beyond what the Switch is capable of was always unlikely.

The raw power of the PS4/XBO put it ahead in resolution but the shoddy AA tech/implementation results in it looking blurry, 5 years later a better job has been done on the Switch port.

I have the superior PC version, but it seems to be a great port. Maybe I'll double dip... but I don't know if I can go back to a flat version after I experienced that game in VR.

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Seems logical to me. The game was a cross-generation release and is 5 years old at that.

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Switch version has other improvements too, like very well done gyro controls.

Sorry but if resolution can drop to 900p and even 756p I can't believe it's a better looking game than PS4 version at native 1080p.

756p is borderline last gen territory.

Also no screen tearing

Chad Switch vs virgin PS4

Yeah, some part do look better than PS4/Xbone versions. Do we know who did this great port job ?

Edit : It's Feral interactive. Doing great just as Panic Button !

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