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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Did You Buy Anything Gaming Related During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales?


Did You Buy Anything Gaming Related During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales?

Yes 412 49.64%
No 418 50.36%

This week's front page poll. Feel free to post details of the best deals you grabbed.

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Yep. I grabbed a Switch Lite Bundle with protective armor, carrying case, and screen protector for $250 at Kohl's, but I got like $85 back in Kohl's Dollars.

Ya. As usual, ( but not always ) I didn't buy much. Only bought the 25% off PS+ yearly sub from the PS Store. I actually bought much more from the prior PS sale. Even though I'm trying to buy less, there were some very attractive deals on games/dlc that I wanted to get eventually, and were also, digital-only.

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Nope nothing

This is the first year I've ever really shopped black friday.

Genesis Mini
Mega Man 11
And took advantage of the black friday deals to renew my mobile phone contract, getting a new phone, increased data, and saving like 20 bucks a month in the process.

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I did buy a game but the fact I got it on Black Friday (or a day before actually) is only a coincidence given you got games sales all year round on the PSN.

So I got Ni No Kuni 2, the full version including the DLC's that in total would have costed around €80 on day one. I got it for €20.

There were a couple other games I was interested in but considering I have plenty right now, I am in no hurry, I'll catch those when they are even cheaper.

Nothing this year


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I got a Switch Lite, pretty much standard price CAD 260 but 50% off the first game purchase for BF. Not a great deal since Links Awakening was still CAD 80 here. And I extended my ps+.

The day before BF I got a 58" 4K HDR tv for CAD 450, 300 off. Not a great brand (Isignia), but good enough for the basement.

The Canadian dollar is still weak.

I got myself a SSD and HD, bringing my computer one step closer to full completion (and it is very close, now).

I suppose that does count as gaming-related, considering I do play games on the thing, but it's not the only reason I bought those for.