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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Thoughts on Microsoft Working with the US Government?

Yesterday in the tv-news I saw a post on this topic. Microsoft will work with the US government in the future(Cloud-system and more). Is it really true that MS supports weapon technology? And how do you like it when the Trump-Government works with Microsoft together? Is that okay or not?

Here is one video. Microsoft President Says It's Important to Sell Products to U.S. Military oO

In the past, some were against it. But now it is becoming reality.

i hope you understand my bad english, what i mean. The NSA-scandal was a long time ago, worldwide. The people was shocked. But what is with that ? That brings a lot of money, but is it morally okay? What if Trump bans Nintendo / Sony systems someday or raises taxes to support Microsoft as a reward?(is that possible, like some things from china?) What are your thoughts on the topic? Let's talk, guys :) Which informations do you have about this topic? I want more infos, how much influence.. ect

I am very curious about your opinions. And please accept any opinion ; )

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Government contracts are the norm around across industrialized nations since it helps subsidize and further develops the industrial complex ...

Microsoft is a business. They are there to make money.
You can bet you have Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Samsung and more technology in the US defense system and gets sold into various agencies.

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"What if Trump bans Nintendo / Sony systems someday or raises taxes to support Microsoft as a reward?"

I don't think Trump cares about your PlayStation ...

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Heck, aerospace firms like Airbus or Boeing (two of the biggest commercial aircraft providers) are given government defense contracts all the time and they go even further with 'cooperating' on military weapon systems ...

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As long as they are working with US and not with China PLA CP. I don't see a big problem.

Microsoft is not developing arms for the US. They're making their existing infrastructure available to aid the Department of Defense.
Department of Defense is probably the biggest tech R&D backer.
Also, shouldn't this be under general/politics discussion? The inclusion of toy boxes in this discussion is so out of place.

KazumaKiryu said:

What if Trump bans Nintendo / Sony systems someday or raises taxes to support Microsoft as a reward?

Sorry what 

You cannot expect a government to favour a company by eliminating competitors. Especially not by asking the president. That is beyond ridiculous and illegal. 

What is the problem? A company made a deal with the government to do services for a price. That's capitalism. Who cares that it's a gaming company? I live in St. Louis, where everyone knows 10 people that work at Boeing. I guess I'm used to the idea that companies work with and for the government for our national security.

And if this is about Trump, again who cares? Regardless of who the President is, contracts will be made and capitalism goes on. It's not like companies are going to say no to billions of dollars just because half the country doesn't like the President (which is basically all the time in America do to the two-party system). I know his numbers were worse then that like two months ago, but since the impeachment trials began his poll numbers have gone up lol

No big deal at all.