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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Where is the line between Nintendo and DeNA/Niantic/Etc in mobile games?

This is a debate I've seen a bit in the recent Animal Crossing Pocket Camp issues, but might as well try to get a better sample source than a comment section. 

In a mobile game like Pocket Camp, World Tour, or Go where is the line between the choice of the developer (Niantic or DeNA for example) versus the publisher (Nintendo). 

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Nintendo had to approve this monetization systems. There's no difference between Pokemon Go's monetization and Mario Kart Go because, in the end, Nintendo has the responsibility of taking care of their own image, and if they know any third party is going to license their brands with unsavoury monetization in mind, they have the choice of accepting or declining the offer. And even more when that is done in house.

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I think this new monetization was brought in by the new president of Nintendo. He made it clear when he started that he is not happy with how profitable the mobile division is. I think this is one of the changes he made was to try out the subscription model. For who gets to make the decisions, on a free to pay mobile game, its up to the developers to make a game that will make the company money while being free.If they aren't doing that, a publisher must step in to change that. Unless the goal is not to make loads of cash.

For Niatic, thats a bit of a different situation. They have I think a ton of freedom to do what they want. And why shouldn't they, they madea great product that is bringing bucket loads of cash.

Personally, I hate the way I am seeing Nintendo go with these subscription models.


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