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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone tried google stadia?

I didn't want to make a thread about this but I'm curious does anyone here have Google stadia for there phone right now? It launched today in east coast USA 

I game on all consoles and PC

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Didn't even realize it was released....

Looks like you got the release date mixed up.

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Never will. Hope it fails

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Finally received my shipping notice late yesterday. Everything is scheduled to arrive on the 20th or 21st.

I’ll be buying Gylt and trying out the two games packed into the subscription. My only interest in Stadia is in the exclusives, just like any other platform. If they drop any good 3rd Party games in the sub, I will give them a try, but I have no interest in buying 3rd party on Stadia when I have PS4, XBO, PC, Remote Play, and xCloud.

I’m really lookin forward to what their internal studios can do with massively connected worlds, and hugely intensive CPU/GPU. Basically anything that is only possible due to how Stadia is networked, and the ability to build games with multiple CPU/GPU.

If Google can offer their own unique experiences, they will find a place among casuals and gamers in time. If they are just going to offer a place to stream 3rd party games, we already have that available from companies that also have great exclusive content.

I’ll come back and give my thoughts after I have had a decent amount of time with the service.

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I will try when the free mode is available. There will be free game demos.

This is going to YouTube Red so hard.

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No, but I have fun playing on my 3DS !

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I'll give it a go when if there are any demos or free games available, if it lets me use a DS4. I've used PS Now since launch so I'm not against streaming, but I don't plan to jump into Stadia.

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