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I didn't see anything on this game, and it is definitely worth discussing. Seems like a real winner. Someone mentioned: "Much like what Arkham Asylum did for Batman games, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sets the new standard for Star Wars titles." which I consider a really high bar and a significant achievement.
The setting and timeline of this game is also very compelling.

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Only 11 reviews? Still that's a great sign, I'd love to have another great Star Wars game, but the game is published by EA so we have to be cautious here even well after it releases.

Down to 84 now

84 is PS4 version with 22 reviews. OP’s 91 is PC version with now 12 reviews. XBox One version is 85 with 10 reviews.

Also. I’m just seeing a big blur though. What is this? Must be something made by EA; my brain is trained to pretend those don’t actually exist.

Seems like a very solid game with an expected Meta of 80-85. The game got a lot of criticism and it seems as if they worked on it to make it better but it wasn't enough time to make it a really good game.

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This game is amazing. Seeing a lot of comparisons to Metroid Prime.