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Just Dance 2020 debuted in the UK this week at #15 position. Switch led the way with 55 percent of all Just Dance 2020 sales. Next up was Wii at 21 percent, followed by the PlayStation 4 at 14 percent and Xbox One at 10 percent. That means Just Dance 2020 sold more on Wii than Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.



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There may come a day when Ubisoft decides to not start their E3 conference with dancing animals, but it is not this day.

Switch has become the next preferred platform for Just Dance, but the Wii is not going out without a fight. I wonder if we'll eventually see Just Dance 2021...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Have the recent Just dance series reaching over 1mil?

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no they all flopped,thus why they return yearly

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It's like the Wii U never existed. From the Wii to the Switch. Lol.

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The king of the 7th gen signs off with one last dunk on its rival's successors, how poetic.

Amazing it still sells, sad to see this will be the final year just dance will come to the wii.


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Pavolink said:
It's like the Wii U never existed. From the Wii to the Switch. Lol.

The Wii U plays Wii games though, Ubisoft are just being smart. They get two consoles with one version of the game.

Guess that's why they kept making them even 7 years after the console's replacement; plenty of folks out there apparently still have their Wiis hooked up and still want these kind of games.

As Ring Fit Adventure's sales also demonstrate, reports of the death of "casual" games in the console space appear to have been exaggerated.