Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would you pass on a game due to its art style?

Would you?

Yes 55 71.43%
No 22 28.57%

Yes. Hasn't happened yet, but it could totally happen.

4 ≈ One

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it depends if it is a franchise a usually play like how windwaker was at the time. I would never pass up on a zelda, metroid, mario or pikmin etc in a mainline game for example.

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VAMatt said:
Theoretically, yes. But, I've never seen an art style that I "really, really hated".


Absolutely, and have passed on a lot of ugly 8-bit (which almost always looks "fake" and forced) and 2D remakes (which frequently look like flash games).

Chrkeller said:
Yes, I pass on Indie games that leverage old school 8-bit looking sprites. It just doesn't do anything for me. I grew up with a NES and I am glad we moved past 8-bit.

Same, I can't stand games that try to look 8-bit, it looks like garbage.

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Battletoads for Xbox One.

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I've never been in a situation where I liked everything about a game but the artstyle.

100% yes, I've skipped multiple indie games because I don't like the art style.

Very likely, yes. I'm a huge fan of art style and if it doesn't look the least bit appealing, I pass... Unless the gameplay looks amazing or something...

I actually missed on Jet Set Radio on the DC because I didn't like the art style. Was angry when Zelda went Celda on WW (though I bought that game at launch and actually enjoyed it) have eased up on this stance since. Now if I am dubious about the art style, I look at review scores and if the game gets a good score I usually buy.