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Maybe a new project by Kojima Productions?


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I think we will see some Bayonetta 3 gameplay TBH.

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Hopefully something new, something multiplat. Something that's not exclusive to a stupid storefront. Something that will actually get me out of my damn chair for once.


Half-Life 3

I feel like Game Awards is more for the hardcore, so mainly those kind of games I predict to be announced.

Bayonetta 3 revealed.
Arkham Legacy shown.
ME Origins
Eternal Darkness sequel

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Nintendo has had a few great announcements the last two years. I expect no less this time around.


Smash 5th character
Bayonetta 3 trailer
Borderlands 3 dlc trailer
New Halo Infinite trailer
Something something something fortnite...
Another Avengers character trailer

Pikmin 4, only because I am going to continue predicting as such until I happen to be correct.

I just want the Shick Hydro bot back.

Honestly though, I'll expect some good announcements but never anything too major. Like I mean, maybe we'll get a glimpse for Bayonetta 3 and NMH 3 too, teaser for a new Microsoft IP by one of their new.studio ?
I expect nothing by Sony since they probably need the guns for the official PS5 presentation.

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We'll see for sure the 5th DLC character for Smash. Hopefully this first wave ends on a high note.

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