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I am...

Loving DS 16 32.65%
Enjoyig DS 6 12.24%
Middle of the road. 1 2.04%
Disliking DS 5 10.20%
Hating DS 7 14.29%
Not sure yet. 8 16.33%
Other. 6 12.24%

Kojima's Stranding disscussion thread. 

As the reviews for this game are quite divided and I, and assuming many others, can't take the annoyance of same arguments being threaded again and again I thought I'd make a dedicated Death Stranding threads for people who actually have or will buy the game. 

Thoughts on the game so far and please do share your screenshots, gifs and videos and use the spoiler tage as seen fit.



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I'm all-in, and double-dipped.

Life is good, thank you Kojima Productions, Decima, and SIE!!

See you at the Game Awards!!

I'm taking the day off to give myself 3 full days with the game. I will chime in from time to time.

As far as Kojima games from the past go. I have played all the way through MGS2 - 4 and Grounds Zero. Never finished MGS1 and skipped the PSP games and MGS5.

Looking forward to everyone elses impressions. I will check back from time to time through the weekend as I take breaks from the game.

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I'll pick it up next week. Spa Franchorchamps finally came to GT Sport and is on all week in the daily C (long race) and it's awesome.

I went for not sure yet. Hype dropped off as of late.

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think-man said:
I went for not sure yet. Hype dropped off as of late.

A wise decision for any game. 


China Numba wan!!

It's time. It's here. The title screen already is a sharp ass, crisp 4k and there is a foam party going on in my pants right now. Let ya all know when the disappointment hits or the love. I hope it is the love.


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Hoe Leeeee shit. Time to brew a big pot of coffee, I'm not sleeping tonight. This shit is insane and I've only had maybe 10 minutes of hands o gameplay.


China Numba wan!!

Will buy my copy tomorrow morning and play late at night

Ah, the beauty of the gaming medium. I can't imagine sitting down for four and a half hours straight with any other form of entertainment and after this quick break I think I'll keep playing and cut myself off before 6am and grab two hours sleep if I'm lucky. I'm really, really invested in this shit and more so than any midnight release I have done since GoW so that is saying something but the true test will come the weekend and hopefully it keeps this momentum. It's pretty damn good so far and I now understand what the whole "fun" argument was aimed at and the people spouting that there is 3 hours of cutscenes before you get to play were bullshitting, it's an hour and half tops with some tutorial baked in and I spent well enough time gawking at the scenery when I had control. The last two and a half hours of my time have been pure gameplay with the odd NPC butting in for tutorial purposes without any loss of control. I'm unsubscribing from people and and unfollowing folks because of the amount of bullshit people threw out around this, a lot of what I have now learned was knowingly bullshit in some kind of weird console cold war, bunch of petty assholes.

As for the game, I can't believe they made a delivery man simulator interesting and so emgrossing, post apocalyptic or not it sounds so silly but it works pretty damn well. Graphics are top tier PS level with some aliasing that hampers them a bit but where the visuals excel they excel so very far. Almost photo realism, the scenery and what not is brilliant, waterfalls are insane and the HDR is fantastic. Music is fitting and mood inducing so far with one really cool track that gives off vibes. Writing feels very much Japanese anime dub style much like MGS but with top tier VA. Most presentation feels very much like MGS5 right down do the UI. Pacing is fucking perfect. There are slight disapointments though I will not touch on them until I have played further.

Spoiler tags aren't working so potential *spoiler*.

I have yet to let myself get caught by the BTs, I have a general idea what will happen but I want the game to beat me to it. I'm looking forward to this and thankfully almost everything I have seen pre release has transpired already aside from the "other side" or whatever the BT's suck you into.

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China Numba wan!!