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The basics:

- 1080p docked and 720p portable during gameplay; in cutscenes resolution is dynamic and can go to 900p docked and 600p portable.

- 30fps with a few frametime blips but no major drops.

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Damn, they managed to make it look great and max the resolution in docked mode. That's a nice treatment for the eyes indeed !

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It really looks beautiful docked but I think it really shines in hand-held mode. LM3 is one of the few games I actually prefer to play undocked and with headphones.

This is such a good game. I'm playing this and sniper v3. That's a superb conversion. Wow. Solid as can be. Rock solid performance, and stands toe to toe more than any port I've seen so far.

I'll say this much, it's very nice to see a Nintendo game using anti-aliasing for once; image quality is much cleaner than I've come to expect from a Switch game, which really helps with the CG cartoon aesthetic.

(Yes, I'm aware it's developed by Next Level, not Nintendo's internal teams, who for some reason I cannot fathom eschew AA in most cases)

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Luigi's Mansion on the GameCube is the game I remember most for the visuals on that system. LM3 is, perhaps, the best looking game I've seen yet on Switch.

What's most impressive I think is that they've managed to hit full 1080p docked while pushing this level of graphical fidelity. Generally, Switch games that push richer graphics trade pixel count to get there, but LM looks lush af at the system's maximum res.

It`s really Impressive how Nintendo is doing this nice Graphics on this weak Plattform.

Jigsawx1 said:
It`s really Impressive how Nintendo is doing this nice Graphics on this weak Plattform.

These days even low end hardware can produce beautiful visuals as long as the art direction is strong and you make smart use of the processing resources at hand.