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Forums - Sony Discussion - Nioh 2 Beta Thoughts?

It's pretty damn good! Thoroughly enjoyed what I've played. The Dual Hatchets and Switchglaive are incredible additions. Combat is as great as ever.

The Kodama are still adorable. Koei Tecmo badly needs to make some merch!

It's up until November 10th, and completing it nets you a special reward. Also, having Nioh 1 save data adds William as a character skin!

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Will play the new Beta later today or tomorrow.
But I liked the previous Beta, and I hope this one will introduce even more new elements.

John2290 said:
I have Nioh on my OG and went back to it after this, playing the DLC ehich I've not touched yet and I swesr the only difference is the weapons and no character creation. I'm all for keeping games the same but this is way too far, even the little jingle is the same. 

Certain weapons now have a bar that makes the weapon power up/transform once the gauge is full.

The "Sentience" gauge.

You can now also equip Cores to your Guardian Spirits that seem to provide stats, but more importantly lets you use Enemy Skills.

And then there's transforming into a monster, which is much cooler than the power up state from the first game.

You can also summon an AI companion from graves to help you, rather than just fighting them for loot.

And those are things I found while playing the previous Beta. Haven't tried this one yet.

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Yep tired to finish Nioh after Seikiro and the combat felt silly. I used to love Nioh but it's been ruined now.