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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favorite Survival Horror Game?


What's your favorite?

Resident Evil 15 60.00%
Silent Hill 3 12.00%
Other 6 24.00%
They're All Terrible! 1 4.00%

Last year I put together a review for "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem". It is my personal favorite survival horror game, though I appreciate much of what the genre has to offer. What's your favorite "spooky" survival game?

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Resident Evil Remake and Dead Space 1 hands down.

1.- Resident Evil 2 
2.- Dead Space
3.- SilentHill2
4.- Lavender Town in Pokemon Red/Blue

Spooky stuff 

In no particular order:

REmake on GCN
RE2make on PS4
Outlast 2 on PC

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is my favorite as well.

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No Dead Space on the list?

But I voted Resident Evil. My favorite game series (see sig).

Condemned criminal origins
Resident Evil 2
Shadowman (does that count)

Top for me is: Silent hill 2

Dead space 1 it is very special

Best concept goes to Eternal darkness: Sanity's requiem (very creative game, great story)

Real life.
Second place would be Silent Hill.

Any Fatal Frame game.