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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony looking to buy more studios

Studio acquisitions are all the rage nowadays. Microsoft can't put on a conference without announcing a handful, and Sony got in on the act a few months back when it revealed that it had purchased Marvel's Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games. It looks like that's just the beginning for the PlayStation brand, however, as the company has now gone on record stating that it is pursuing more opportunities.

As part of its latest earnings call, where it also announced that the PlayStation 4 is now the second best-selling home console of all time, the hardware manufacturer said that it will "continue to pursue growth investment opportunities to enhance content IP". In other words, Sony is in talks with more studios in order to bolster its first-party line-up that little bit more.

We've known for a while now that the Japanese giant has been planning on acquiring developers ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 5, which it proved after buying Insomniac Games. The question now becomes: Which other studios could it purchase? We definitely think there's something going on between Remedy and Sony, while the masters of the remake, Bluepoint Games, is another top candidate. Housemarque, developers of Resogun, could be another potential target.

Probably Bluepoint, or another 2nd party dev. 

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Wouldn't be surprised if it was Kojima Studios or Supermassive Games.

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Sony should buy they'll have Atlus too :P

(so many Sega games are Sony console exclusives anyways, but allow Sonic to go on multiplats)

Well it is old new, just that Sony have said it again =p

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It would be interesting to see Sony buy and invest in new studio, but I would love so see them going multi-platform with them. More than likely not gonna happen, but that certainly change the landscape of things.

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Good. They should do exactly that. Hopefully a big studio.
They should just go ahead and buy Konami since they are clearly not interested in console gaming anymore.
That way we can get our Suikodens, Castlevanias and Silent Hills back.

These acquisitions always makes me nervous. I just hope its not Capcom.

Frequent mergers and acquisitions are actually a sign of an industry in trouble. A healthy company can grow on its own merits, but a less healthy company can look like it is growing by merging with or acquiring another company. This is not a knock against Sony per se, as this sort of thing is happening all over the game industry. It is just to say the game industry has some important underlying issues which it needs to address or else it will be in big trouble in a generation or two.

Bluepoint games would be a good acquisition.

Aquire Arrowhead already. With the recent growth spurt and AAAmbition i dont think they can sustain a healthy status of independence in this day and age.

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