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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Retro Studios hires Halo Senior Modeller

It's all in the title! Retro Studios has finally secured a lead character designer (presumably) for Metroid Prime 4! Kyle Hefley is jumping from one sci-fi series to another! He previously worked at 343 Industries on the Halo series as the senior character modeler. Judging from his portfolio, and his work on those awesome Halo designs, i'd say we're in good hands.

For more info, here's the source:

Here Kyle's ArtStation as well:

EDIT: I accidentally created two of these threads, please choose wisely :)

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Make a third thread OR WE RIOT

Dulfite said:
Make a third thread OR WE RIOT

Haha I have no clue what happened there. Oh well, the more the merrier!