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CuCabeludo said:

Shadow already slashed their prices. Shadow is not a cloud gaming platform, it is a full blown cloud computing service: you pay a subscription to have acces to a top tier PC in the cloud you can use to work and do all stuff you would to a PC locally or stream your Steam games. People that sub Shadow are mostly professionals that use their powerful machines to do work like video editing, but a bunch use it to stream their games on Steam.


They should ditch their Quadcores and go octacore or at least hexacore, however. Quadcores become very limiting by now for the 1 percentile and increasingly for total FPS

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Stadia app is already available for Android and iOS. interesting, since it will take a while until the service it is made available on Apple products and other Android phone brands.

It will, so just wait and see.

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They'll likely take the MS route and buy out major studios. Though the important thing for Stadia that would produce more sales are big name, quality exclusives. They need to present a real reason for gamers to specifically pick out their gaming product when there are 3 others on the market other than sheer convenience. 


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Rooting for Stadia to fail. Should not have to pay full price to rent a game.

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I prefer my OUYA over Stadia

I think if it fail it will have nor impact on the gaming market the better question is what impact will it have if it doesn`t fail.