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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Luigi's Mansion 3 thread: Impressions and Reviews

I don't know if the embargo has been lifted on Luigi's Mansion 3 yet, but a review for the game appeared in Famitsu and gave it a 33/40 (which is closer to 83% so it's very good).

I'll update the original post here as more reviews come in.

Got a 9/10 from NintendoLife!! :D

8/10 from GameSpot.

8.3/10 from IGN.

86% on MetaCritic.

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I have never played any episode before, but I was more than surprised recently in watching a play session of 20min in a jap video. This one :

Technically it looks awesome, the physics and interaction with the environment looks very detailled and clean. My first estimation was 6 millions for this one but it went up to 8 millions recently.

I think it is a perfect Resident Evil for young children.

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Day 1. The first was mostly 7s and 8s, and it was one of my favorite. Very niche game.

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86 thus far, another really good Switch game. And we still have Pokemon this year.

Reading the reviews makes me want to get it now!

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Sitting at a 85 currently.... seems like its recieved quite well.

Another A rated game on the switch. I mean at this stage if it's a switch or ps4 exclusive you can almost expect a green review for it this gen on metacritic, it's fairly clear that software = sales.

I wrote a rather long breakdown of the other machine but that doesn't belong here, might make a post mortem thread about it sometime, then Luigi can suck up the ghost.

Awesome though, I have my "review copy" installing right now. Haven't played since the first game (the 3ds game is in my game Room in my wall of untouched shame) I'll let ye know what it's like :D

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Another awesome game from Nintendo this year. With Sword/Shield coming out it will make 7 great Switch exclusives in under a year!

Yoshi's Crafted World
Super Mario Maker 2
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Astral Chain
Link's Awakening
Luigi's Mansion 3
Poke'mon Sword/Shield