Forums - Gaming Discussion - I did something awful and don't think I can gain redemption. (Trigger warning)

If you are easily offended or have PTSD, please hit your back space/return tap and go on with your day. If you continue to read, remember you have been warned.

This week I commited an act so horrible that it is compares to no wrongs I've partaken in the last half a decade. I don't think I can be redeemed and my conscience is being eaten by shame. 

I tried so hard the last week to avoid doing this after years of abstinence but I failed and failed miserbaly at that  I caved like the drug addict I once was... I bought Call of Duty Modern Warfare. 

The shame I feel is being balanced by how amazing the game is, it is the best CoD I've played since I first took home Modern warfare in 2007. Lord oh lord, is it great on all fronts. Just steller. But...

I now have to live with myself knowing I supported Activision blizzard twice in the same year and broke my near three year Boycott. Sekiro was a special case with FromSoft balancing the scales of karma but this is not, it is clear I should have stuck to my guns, held integrity and avoided it. I've indirectly supported China with my wallet in a big way as my purchase basically says Blizzards siding with China is acceptable and I know the Microtransactions are coming and most likely there is hidden matchmaking algorithms to keep one engaged. I've told Sony it is all good to hold content deals for a year, that multi packaged releases are okay, that file size of 120 gigs at launch with 175 expected gigs after updates is okay. I'm a shill. 

Anyone else here buy this? Are you going to if not and thoughts? Campaign? Multiplayer?

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I forgive you.

mZuzek said:
I forgive you.

I WISH i could accept but the only forgivness that matters is that of mine and God. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Well I do think buying CoD is bad money usage, but that is only because I don't like the type of game.
Plus you are buying one game after a long time not a yearly buyer (but if you loved the game and have the money well just buy it).

I forgive you.

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YOU FOOL!!! The prophecy warned us about all about what would happen if anyone bought a CoD copy!!

(looks out the window)

Now we have to clean up this mess again!

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I forgive you, but get rid of that game.

I'm not buying it. No Activision game since COD:WOW in 2008. That's how you boycott. I DID accidentally buy Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition about 4 years ago, for $19.99, but that's because I'm AN IDIOT. My thoughts? Very disappointed. Just like last time. I do hope, in your show of support to the vivisecting organ harvesters, that your dreams aren't haunted by the screams of freshly harvested vivisection victims. But I can't control that.

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You must commit Sudoku.

Get out of my sight. 😡

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