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Forums - Movies Discussion - Well, Box Office Mojo's new design sucks. And it's a money grab.

Box Office Mojo updated their site today, and with the update a lot of pages and tools have vanished. For example, there used to be a little drop-down dialog box where you could adjust things by ticket price inflation. It's gone now, and it doesn't work on the archived pages on the Internet Archive so I have no way to finish my project on the history of the box office, at least not without a ton of painstaking math. You used to be able to have a movie's daily gross arranged as either a calendar-style view or as a list. Now it's list-style only. Their list of all-time inflation-adjusted had steadily been increased, up to 300 movies as of a couple of years ago. Now it's back to 200. Individual franchises and other lists like genre-based lists used to exist. Now they're behind a pay wall, so fuck you IMDb.

Ostensibly they've updated the site to make it more "mobile friendly." I guess desktop users can go suck a big one. It seems every site that tries to be more "mobile friendly" ends up getting worse for desktop users, plus it makes website design this god-awful minimalist bullshit that plagues any sort of graphic design these days. It's yet another reason why I wish smartphones never existed.

But it also seems like the update was also done to try to push people to pony up the $20/month for IMDb Pro (or $12.50/month if you have $150 to plunk down all at once, which I don't). Here I was the other day talking about how sites like Box Office Mojo gave out all sorts of data for free, but it looks like that may start to go away in the future if they see that this shit works. I really hope IMDb doesn't decide to "pull an NPD" and block access to all data to the general public.

Seriously, fuck monetization. Everybody wants a goddamn subscription these days. Fuck this rent-seeking bullshit. And people wonder why more and more people are rejecting modern capitalism. Companies want to nickle-and-dime the hell out of everyone. Subscriptions. Planned obsolescence. Charging for things that used to be free without adding anything other than a "pay up or fuck off." It's all the same bullshit designed to squeeze as much money as possible out of everyone.

A great resource, now turned to shit because of greed and incompetence. I can't seem to be able to enjoy anything.

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Yeah, it's pretty bad and evidently optimized for mobile.

This sort of reminds me of Eurogamer's redesign with the wide empty bars on both sides, which I suppose are full of disgustingness with an adblocker turned off.






At least from an aesthetic point of view, it used to look quite ugly. Now it's... even worse, somehow..?


I feel for ya bro. It's frustrating to have something you liked instantly turned into stinking garbage. Hello even a minor loss sucks. Like how Imgur no longer has a text editor. They explained to me why it's no longer there, and it's nothing nefarious, but still. Sucks.

And you even had a project you were working on deep-sixed. If I were you, I'd be muttering as I made my way to the liquor store for sure.

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It should of been the video game industry taking notes from the film industry for sales tracking, not the reverse.

Well that fucking sucks. I loved being able to see all films adjusted for ticket price inflation. And the new layout sucks, too.

Edit: I just realized that now the Top Inflated doesn't even label if a film had rereleases or just one.

That's very disappointing. And as mentioned, not a fan of the design.

Agreed, I guess I will use the numbers more now hope they don't redesign it anytime soon.  While where at it Youtube's new design sucks also.

Hope the numbers don't follow suit as well, by the way capitalism has always sucked Shadow but it's mostly millennials that are rejecting it and turn to Bernie Sanders for inspiration.

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