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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I prefer to play agents of mayhem

Now AoM isn't Saints Row 5 which will be my Goty.

Its not as good as the first saints row games, but the combat is fluid, the characters are diverse, teambuilding is great. Topnotch over the top jokes.

My only gripe its dungeons are all rehashed, but thats fine, still beats GTA 5.

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Yeah it's a pretty decent game. Definitely fun for a while.

Quits TLOU after 5 minutes, prefers Agents of Mayhem over GTA V.

You've got some interesting taste to say the least.

It was a decent game, but it wasn't nearly as good as Saints Row 4 imo, the repetitive dungeons really hurt it and the gameplay wasn't as good as the superpower gameplay in 4. I would kill for a proper Saints Row 5 that follows the time travel plotline set up by 4. I really hope the rumors that they plan to reboot Saints Row as a more serious franchise aren't true, would kill the franchise for me, I only care about the humor.

Saints Row is alright, but GOTY? Seriously?

I dont like GTAV to be honest, I always feel its a bad comparison for other games because its such a distinctive franchise. But after Vice City/San Andreas every other GTA feels VERY similar. GTAIV and GTAV are non essential games if you ask me, Rockstar needs to change something in their formula cause I feel ive played that stuff a 102893123 times and it DOES get boring.
Then again, they sold like warm bread so maybe its just me and im just old. Old and out of touch, like Scorsese talking about Marvel films. I wonder what he thought when he saw Jurassic Park for the first time back in 1993, bet he was all like "this technological marvel is not cinema cause there are no emotions and no character development". I bet he even hates Jaws.

Jaws is amazing tho. Holds up today 100%. Unlike Mario 64 which aged horribly. Most N64 games aged bad tbh, the best thing that happened to OoT since its release is being ported to the 3Ds. Loved that port. I bet Scorsese has never played a Zelda game in his life tho, cause they are not "gaming", unlike those amazing narrative-driven games with ton of character development like Hellblade and such.

But yeah, Saints Row GOTY? Cmon.

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I bought it back in 2017. I didn't even know it existed and then I saw a YouTube video called "Why did agents of mayhem fail" or something like that.

The video maker (Clean Prince Gaming, I think) said "This is not Saints Row 5" which I interpreted as "This IS Saints Row 5!" and I bought it digitally before the video was even over.

Well, it wasn't Saints Row 5. II haven' spent much time with it but I want to. I only finished the tutorial.  I know it's not a particularly good game but sometimes that's exactly what I want to play.

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I agree. GTA 5 is not a good game.