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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which 3D Mario best used Nintendo's hardware?

Traditionally, Nintendo's platforms are designed in tandem with the newest Super Mario title. Super Mario 64 was made to show the 3D hardware and analog controls of the Nintendo 64. Super Mario Sunshine was made to showcase the GameCube's advanced AI and physics engine with its use of water. Super Mario Galaxy demonstrated the Wii Remote's pointer and motion controls. Super Mario 64 DS showed the DS' 3D power and touch screen. Super Mario 3D Land showed off the 3DS' stereoscopic 3D, and Super Mario Odyssey demonstrated the Switch's portability and Joy-Con features.

With that in mind, which main 3D Mario game best utilized the hardware of it's respective system?

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Super Mario 64

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Probably 64 as it showcased the scale of 3D gaming in general and highlighted the need for analogue sticks in 3D gaming, most 3D game engines today are a version of M64's engine.

Probably Mario 64.
It showed the 3D capabilities of the console, capable of creating vast explorable 3d worlds for that time, and also the potential of analog controls.

Mario 64.

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I'd say Galaxy

Why no poll?

I'll go Super Mario 3d Land on 3ds. Utilizing the 3d feature allowed you to do the levels more easily. I can't remember specifics, but there were some things I did in that game I remember thinking wouldn't be doable (at least easily) without the 3d turned on. It was innovative!


I've long soured from motion controls, but Galaxy executed them brilliantly and proved they could have theoretically co-existed and enhanced gameplay.

For the record, I was far more a fan of Galaxy than I was of Mario 64. I felt that Galaxy fulfilled on what 64 set out to do in the same way that Breath of the Wild fulfilled what Ocarina of Time set out to do.

Galaxy, IMO, was the game that most effectively used the hardware provided. While Mario 64 was the best of the initial wave, there were quite a few games (like Banjo Kazooie, Lylat Wars, Goldeneye 007, Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, DK64, Conker, Seeds of Evil, etc...) that outshined Mario 64 in terms of impressive N64 usage.

On the other hand, of all 3D Mario games, the one that made the biggest impact on me from a technical standpoint was Super Mario 64. Nothing quite matched that experience. Especially the water effects which remain in my memory as one of the most “whoaaaaaaaah” graphically impressive moments of my life.

Take from that what you will: the way I understand the question is that Mario 64 should be the answer.

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Mario 64 due to the leap in technology.