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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Taco Bell XBOX ONE X Eclipse Bundle


Will be visiting Taco Bell

More often for a chance to win 2 40.00%
As frequently, but will g... 2 40.00%
Less, it's another reason to avoid Taco Bell 1 20.00%

Stopped by Taco Bell today and see it's the time of year again (third year in a row I think) for a chance to win a XBOX from Taco Bell, one winner every 10 minutes...

Last edited by jlauro - on 20 October 2019

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I'd definitely eat a taco for a chance to win an Xbox One! Too bad the nearest Taco Bell to me is a couple hundred miles away

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 20 October 2019

I won! Picked up 3 box deals yesterday (one for daughter and one for wife), but can only submit one code per day (per phone number), so only able to put in 2 of the 3 codes so far...

Looks like I have an excuse to go shopping for a 4K TV now.

I not but 3 days ago named a solar system I discovered No Man's Sky, the Taco Bell Think Outside The Bun System.

Congrats on winning by the way.

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."