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In the early stages of the Vita and Wii U's lifespans I thought Sony/Nintendo respectively would turn them around and they'd go on to be moderately successful.

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I didn't think there would be a direct this week, cos I'm a pessimistic dunce.

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In early 2016 I predicted that the Wii U would sell around 20 million units lifetime, and even though I thought I might have slightly overestimated it's total sales, I didn't expect it to die so quickly afterwards that it wouldn't even get to 15 million. At the same time I also predicted that the Xbox One would roughly match the 360's worldwide sales when it was done, but that one is way off as well it seems.

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I am sure it has been said already. Back when this site was big deal yo. I think it was Wii U or Wii Trinity is something? The poster had his followers from Reddit come and back him up and people like RolStoppable and Seece had many battles in there with the guy.

Can't remember the name of the user, used to remember evweyone, but that was biggest bomb.

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