Forums - Sales Discussion - Own up: What's your most hilariously wrong sales prediction so far?

Thought it'd be nice to loosen up and have a laugh at ourselves a bit.

In January 2017 I predicted the Switch would sell less than 20 million units. Lifetime.

How about you?

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Probably when I thought the Switch would hardly pass 50M units, before launch.
I also thought the Wii U would reach 30M...

Oh, the most recent was that Spider Man would sell 6M...

In early 2017 I predicted the Switch would sell around 40 million units. Lifetime.

I don't make many predictions, but I did say the Switch would have a ceiling of 55 million units. I see a pattern here....

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Come on folks, don't be shy!
We all make mistakes, lets hear yours. Any time you guessed the sales of a game or system and turned out to be waaay off.

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Does it have to be gaming related? I can't remember any gaming ones that I've gotten that wrong.

I did predict the ipad would flop though...

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

IIRC I predicted Sonic & The Black Knight would sell over 2 million after Secret Rings did so well, and Black Knight just looked way better than it.

It didn't.

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Not sure, but I have made many predictions so I think at least one of them was really bad.

This one isn't great: When the PS3 surpasssed 80m or so I thought that it could leg it to 100m.

I am more conservative with my PS4 predictions now.

I had quite a few and my worst predictions were MHW 4m and Switch 40m

WiiU - 64M lifetime.
GTAV - 30M lifetime.

Those are by far my wrongest (is that even a word?) ones.